Customer Spotlight: Daintier Custom Jewelry

Recently, I was searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I hadn’t yet discovered Daintier Custom Jewelry, so unfortunately my mom got a last minute boring house plant. Had I known about Daintier Custom Jewelry she would have received a tastefully made simple floating locket with all of my siblings, nieces, nephews and children’s birthstones inside. Wilfrid Mazaorra, the owner of Daintier Custom Jewelry, has been using Shoppost to showcase her gorgeous custom-made jewelry. Wilfrid’s results have been outstanding and her story was too great not to share. She has a lot of great advice for any boutique looking to improve its social commerce and ecommerce results.

What or whom inspired you to start your Jewelry business?
I was a full-time Food & Beverage Associate during the day at a 5-star resort and a business owner by night and on weekends. After working 12+ hour days for over a year, I finally was able to go full-time with my business this month.

I have always enjoyed making, collecting, and admiring pretty things and sharing them with others. Deep down, we are all pretty and there is no shame in showing off.

I’ve always loved being creative and making things with my hands. When I was introduced to the floating locket and hand stamping by a friend, I fell in love with the meaning, skill and how many different unique designs that could be made. I started my business in April 2014.

I love every part of it from picking out supplies, to designing and making each special piece. My favorite part would have to be hearing the inspirational stories behind each necklace/bracelet.

I have been selling floating lockets and charms for over a little over a year now and I absolutely love doing it! These lockets are such a wonderful way to share special memories and events, remember loved ones, and show everyone all of the things you love and are passionate about. For me, it’s my 2 little girls, my husband, and enjoying everything each day brings us!

I love hearing your stories and I will always take the time to understand what you need and then help you to make your idea(s) a reality. I hope that you like what I have to offer in my shop.

How is your boutique different your competitors?
We strive to truly provide the best customer service possible. We take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We’re there 24/7 for them, any questions or concerns they have they can and they do write to us, or call us. And we have tons of reviews on our website that testifies to this. We like to see our customers, not just like customers, but as friends for life. We take our customers request to heart, and we do our best to deliver exactly what they asked for or better. We offer them live chat, emails, even our personal number, which 60% of our customer uses to contact us thru calls, texts or whatsApp. When they make a request to see the floating locket, or bracelet that was created for them, we take a picture and send it to them, and if they’re not completely happy or decided to add or take out a charm, we gladly do it for them, retake the picture and send it to them, to assure complete satisfaction. Not sure if any other company does that. But our customers are so thankful for that extra service we give them, just because.

What were your biggest struggles when you were first starting out verses now?
I first started my business on Etsy, I opened my shop in April 2014 and I was doing great for the first three months. I actually thought it was pretty easy, I was selling left to right, but then that’s when things change. Being the NEW shop and selling so much made my shop the target of the bigger shops, well… just one in particular, but she was enough. It was a rough two month of complaints and false accusations from her. I couldn’t take it anymore, it was very stressful, having a full time job, coming home to work on my jewelry, taking care of my two toddlers, made me very tired and depressed. I didn’t want to be competing, and that’s when I decided to end my relationship with Etsy and go solo. So I’m very thankful to this person, because I was able to do what I feared: Open my own website. Things do happen for a reason, we are very blessed. We also launched a men’s stainless steel line and we’re working on a kid’s line at the moment.

It’s a lot of work! We struggle because we’re a small business, my husband and I work very hard, he’s being a great support. He does a great job with our website and wonderful banners — by the way he takes all the pictures himself. Photography has become his passion. I’m so grateful for all his help, it’s not easy to be liked by google, and he has made that possible. We come up on page one on google searches, and that’s super huge to us!

What made you want to try Shoppost for the first time?
I love everything about Shoppost, I love that it’s truly easy shopping for our customers, they don’t have to go searching, you post it, they want it, and they buy! Can’t get easier than that.

Daintier jewelry

After creating many Shoppost’s and sharing them to your social networks, what did you see from your analytics? Views? Shares? Buy Referrals?
It was great, it shows how many post you’ve done, how many views, how many have been shared and something I love it tells who from where your views comes. Visitors by geolocation, Visitors by device.

What benefits did you see from using Shoppost verses just posting a picture with a link to your web store?
Because it gives them a way to buy right there, versus going to the website, find the page to the listing, and so forth. It’s shopping made easy.

What advice would you give another merchant that is trying to grow their social following and promote their brand?
Just like any business situation, the customer should be our first priority, always. We love to get our customers involve, so we do lots of giveaway. Also, staying on top of all the social media; doing a lot of networking, marketing. Giving to the community is a plus! We recently got invited to be a guest for a Cervical Cancer Foundation brunch for the NCCC Fight Like A Girl Miami. This is a great way to help the charity and also get your name out there. Also it’s a good idea to look for your local flea market or green market and find out about you renting a booth and sale your products there, it’s a good way to get your name out there, especially in your community. And definitely use SHOPPOST! It’s a MUST!


Debunking social commerce

Air tickets or boarding pass, passports, touchscreen smartphone with online airline tickets booking or reservation internet application, magnetic compass, credit cards and pen on world geographic map atlas

Social commerce has had several false starts in the past. So when United Airlines VP of eCommerce Scott Willson recently said that “social commerce, for the airline industry, is bunk,” we took notice.

We wanted to clarify that yes, adapting social commerce to some industries can have its regulatory challenges. But with a little imagination, social commerce can fly the friendly skies and be used even for highly regulated industries. I probably don’t need to remind Mr. Wilson that it was some forty years after Orville and Wilbur took their first flight that commercial aviation was a significant and economically viable form of transportation. I think social commerce having a meaningful impact on the airline industry will be an appreciably shorter span.

Securing online purchases

In regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, travel or financial services, the need of protecting personal identifiable information is one of the key challenges to social commerce. But the beauty of what we’re doing at Shoppost is that by providing a platform that is fully integrated with your back-end, you can sell directly through social media while ensuring that your customer’s data is secure.

Targeting your customers

We’ve talked a lot about using Facebook or Twitter’s built-in advertising and targeting systems. It is quite a straightforward process to use Shoppost to target potential shoppers. For example, if you’re an airline that wants to sell a SEA ✈️ LAS route, simply create a shoppost that is tied to that route on your inventory management system and make it function as a disposable URL. Once you have “sold out” of that fare, the link is no longer valid, which makes it so only a limited number of people can buy the route.

Additionally, because Shoppost is tied directly to your inventory management system, order fulfillment is streamlined and payment processing is tied directly to the purchaser’s identity. A customer can simply click purchase right from Twitter and is taken directly to your checkout page.

Accurately represent your products

With our ability to present full images in Twitter and functioning as an image in Facebook as well as a full detailed description on the embedded version, shopposts are able to provide in-depth information about the product or service being offered for sale. This eliminates the risk of misrepresentation as well as provides a platform for any disclosures that need to be made prior to a sale. Consider financial advisors, for example. They are able to utilize social media to solicit new clients through shopposts while also fulfilling the SEC disclosure requirements.

With the oversight on regulated industries and the emphasis on security, making sure that your ecommerce systems are not only easy to use, but also protecting your customer is crucial. We are certain that with the proper configuration, social commerce can quickly move beyond bunk and into material results. If you’re ready to put social commerce to work, try Shoppost now.

Give us a call, Scott. Let’s see if we can fill up some middle seats for you!


Six Reasons Your Business Needs to Take Advantage of Social Commerce

Starting an online business takes a lot of work, and once you think you have everything down cold, a new way of doing business suddenly emerges, throwing a lot of your hard work out the window. Social commerce is one of those changes. Although it hasn’t come into its own completely yet, it is getting there and quickly. In this post, we are going to look at six reasons why your business should take a serious look at using social commerce as part of your overall strategy.

Social Networks are where the majority of your customers are spending their time

As of April 2015, more than 1.44 Billion people log into Facebook each month. This incredible  number demonstrates exactly where people are spending their time online. The sheer potential audience alone makes Facebook impossible to ignore. The magnitude of potential customers is just too compelling; every merchant needs to have a strategy for this vast marketplace.

Frequency of social media site use

Shoppost works seamlessly within the Facebook newsfeed giving your potential and current customers an easier way to discover, share, and purchase your products. According to Pew, Facebook’s large base of users continues to be very active. Fully 70% of the site’s users engage daily (and 45% do so several times a day). Sharing where your users are becomes crucial in reaching your audience. Continue reading

Top five tips for using Etsy and Social Commerce

Pavlograd, Ukraine - October 31, 2014: Etsy Is A Marketplace WheEtsy has been around since 2005, but many sellers and merchants are just now beginning to understand the power of using it to reach a broader global customer base. So, how are they doing it? By engaging social media, being savvy with your Internet monitoring and the ability to create content are the tools you’ll need to amplify your product lineup.

Here are the top five ways that Etsy sellers are using social commerce and Shoppost to boost their businesses.

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Customer Spotlight: G2P Leather

Peter Clarke and his family started G2P Leather five years ago with a straightforward goal to provide long lasting quality leather goods, and empower people not machines. Their leather designs are timeless classics made to withstand years and years of use resulting from the use of high quality vegetable leather as well as genuine leather to create their gorgeous accessories. G2Pleather’s commitment to customer satisfaction is very apparent by the many choices they offer for personal customization.  Different color leathers, stitching and lettering, all made to order, to each customer’s preferences.

We were not surprised to see they had excellent results using Shoppost to drive in sales to the G2P Leather Etsy store. We were curious to learn more about G2Pleather and what struggles and successes they have faced to get their amazing leather products to market.

G2P Leather

What or who inspired you to create leather accessories and start your own family business?

We started just selling leather belts in our local shopping mall in Bangkok. Then people asked us to make small leather items or repair bags and belts. We started to grow quickly and we learned by trial and error. We got a lot of information from websites and You Tube.

What were your biggest struggles when you were first starting out versus now?

Our biggest obstacles were making patterns and finding tools and accessories and choosing leather. It takes time and skill to make each piece. Lately, I have seen leather goods being sold online for a fraction of the price because the product is inferior and poorly made. I wish people would take pride in their work and not bring down the price and reputation of other leather crafters.

What drives the majority of your sales? Craft shows? Etsy? Social Media?

Most sales come from Etsy and links from our Facebook and our blog. But as the internet changes quickly we are experiencing a new influx of followers from Instagram.

What made you want to try Shoppost for the first time?

We wanted to upgrade our marketing and we are always looking for new ways to find customers. Search engines keep changing the way they find your information. Shoppost seemed like a great way to drive more traffic.

After creating many Shopposts and sharing them to your social networks; what did you see from your analytics? Views? Shares? Buy Referrals?

We saw 690 total views, 24 shares from Facebook and 10 buy referrals. The countries and hits vary day by day.

What benefits did you see from using Shoppost versus just posting a picture with a link to your store?

The hits directed to our Etsy shop increased. I was able to learn more about which social platforms were driving traffic to my shop.

What advice would you give another merchant that is trying to grow their social following and promote their brand?

High quality pictures and great descriptions are the most important things, then the price. If you’re priced too high or low people will not buy. Shoppost helped me accomplish all those things in one post. I can use multiple pictures, fit in a description and show the price all inside one post.

G2P Leather

Use social media to capture impulse shopping

Social media has enabled people to keep up to minute on their favorite products and services. Real time marketing has given brands the power to connect with their current and potential customers. Adding these two ideas together can create a very powerful combination, and it’s one that all small business owners with an online presence should be taking advantage of –  give your customers the opportunity to make an impulse buy. Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday, knowing when to post can bring a tremendous advantage to your business.

For starters, let’s go over some metrics that both small and larger businesses will find useful. According to a study from Evergage, 88% of digital marketers find that real time marketing is absolutely critical to their campaigns. OK, so what is real time marketing you ask? According to the same report, it’s “personalizing content or creative in response to customer interactions” in a short amount of time. How short of a time span? Some consider it to be under a minute, although it can reasonably take place when an event is still highly topical.

The tangible benefits include an 81% increase in customer engagement and a 59% increase in conversion rates across the board, according to the Evergage study. These metrics are fantastic starting points, but you may be wondering how to actually implement something with your own products. Let’s take a look at some options.

First things first, ramping up your social media efforts is a must. It is also a terrific way to engage with your customers and get real time feedback. Your customers may respond more to content that is relevant, smart, and makes use of pertinent cultural trends. This is also a wonderful time to use Shoppost to sell more products right where your customers are in social media, the Facebook Newsfeed. Doing this will enable you to get real time feedback with what is selling for you and what isn’t.

Make e-commerce seamless by monetizing your marketing and social media channels.

meme generator Fry social commerce

Built using

Arguably, nothing is going to be more effective for this than Shoppost. You want to drive your customers to your shopping cart. In order to get them there and for them to ultimately make a purchase, you must make the process as simple as possible. Shoppost can give you the power to do just that by making impulse buying easier by putting them one click away from check out. You can think of Shoppost as the best way to give your current and potential customers the opportunity to make a purchase right in Facebook. Remember, every addition click and each time there’s another redirect, it is one more chance to lose a sale. This is an entirely new way of making a connection — timing the product with customers’ buying preferences and habits. There’s no better means to generate the potential for a spur of the moment buy than being in front of a customer with the right product that right time.

Customize and tailor the content for your shoppers

Real-time marketing during the holidays allows your customers to share their own stories using social media. When you are monitoring your customers’ interaction with your social media marketing campaign, you can tailor each and every post or tweet to specific customer needs. For example, perhaps a potential customer is displeased with the price of a particular product and says so in a Facebook or Twitter post. You can immediately spring to action by adjusting the price and letting them know, and even thanking them for bringing it to your attention. This allowed you to get around a potentially blocked sale and even engender greater customer loyalty. Changing the price in your inventory will automatically change the price in Shoppost. You just gave your customers all the more reason to share with their friends and build an even bigger purchasing loop.


all the things meme for hashtags.

Built using

Another way of taking advantage of this is to use #hashtags.The concept behind hashtags can be foreign to people who haven’t used them, but are easy to explain. Hashtags allow the grouping of similar messages that can be easily searched. An example of this would be Facebook’s “trending” feed. The first thing to do is to monitor whatever trends could be relevant to the products that you sell. Next, in the copy you will be using for your #shoppost, insert the relevant hashtag. This makes your post easier to find by people in search of your wares. Adding this simple step increases your chances of making your products easier to find to potential and existing customers.

Using real time marketing to implement impulse buys isn’t easy. In fact, 30% of online merchants lack the knowledge of how to successfully implement in their campaigns. A good place to start though is by using Shoppost, which allows you to sell where you share, thereby maximizing your efforts and ROI.

Customer Spotlight: Farm Dog Naturals

Farm Dog Naturals owner Rita Hogan.

Farm Dog Naturals owner Rita Hogan.

Rita Hogan and her team at Farm Dog Naturals deserve a multitude of awards, or perhaps a single award, if it could somehow combine: women owned, small business, animal rights, earth friendly, healthiest work environment and best pet products. Farm Dog Naturals incorporates compassion for our furry friends while providing livelihoods for six amazing women spread out across the United States and telecommute to work. All of us at Shoppost admire this outstanding small business and what they are doing for their communities and the planet, so naturally, we wanted to learn more about them. We asked Rita Hogan, the Co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals, a few questions to learn more about her social strategy.

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