Best Practices for Using Shoppost on Facebook

Best Practice
Many of you have asked us about how you should use Shoppost on social media, with an extra emphasis on Facebook. We have found that with Facebook’s efforts to improve the “quality” of content its algorithm places in news feeds, ensuring that your page’s posts are as high quality as possible is essential.

With that in mind, here are several tips to ensure your posts have the most reach possible!

Post between non product sales post.

Remember folks are not always wanting to be sold to. Spread out your postings of Shopposts so that it creates a natural cadence of content. Don’t want to look like spam to your followers. That is the quickest way to lose fans.

spiegel screen

Add additional context or stories to your statuses.

If you are selling T-shirts, mention something about them in the post. People are more compelled to click on your post if you include something in the status. Otherwise they don’t know what the heck the shoppost is and it will get skipped over.

All about that action boss. 

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Don’t forget to add some sort of call to action like “click the play button to check it out” or “click on the play button to buy it now.”

Spend a little to get a lot. 

Mega explosive sale design, comics style.

Facebook has publicly stated it is tightening the amount of organic reach a page’s post will receive. In order to get a bit more eyes on your post try boosting it with a small budget, nothing to big. You would be amazed how $25 or $50 dollars spend can be a great ROI booster. Shopposts are not like your traditional ads so a little boost can go a long way and by taking advantage of Facebook’s demographic and interest targeting, it can be a great way to kick start a successful Facebook post.

Timing is Everything
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Best time to post on Facebook is during those lull hours during the workday between 1-4PM. This is when the most clicks on posts occur and also is when people at their desk are looking for a bit of an escape from the day.

If you’re sharing content on the weekends, posting before 8AM or after 8PM will most likely get you the best clicks and traffic. People on the weekends are less like to engage with FB because they are out doing things with friends, family or just checking out from technology all together.

Curate, don’t automate.


In order to make social sharing and management, use social media management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer or other tools to schedule posts in advance and then you can spend time on your core business. We will cover the ins and outs of how to use Shoppost with those tools here in the near future.

The biggest piece of advice is to avoid posting ten shopposts in row, this could be perceived as spamming and at worst will just annoy the person on the other end and you will probably lose them as a potential customer after that. Be real and let them know that there is a human behind the page and not only an automaton :) And, of course, be sure to like our non-salesy, non-spam, organically curated Facebook page.

Customer Spotlight: The 12th Boot

When you first meet Lyndsay Gabeau one word comes to mind: Sunshine. She is full of energy and positivity. Her optimism and hard work is what the 12th Boot was made of (perhaps PVC rubber too). I was able to meet her for lunch and get a chance to talk to her about The 12th Boot. I was inspired by her willingness to educate and share with me her natural ability in marketing. In fact, she was recently spotlighted on Evening Magazine, which is a northwest TV show.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 12.06.03 PM

Evening Magazine found her because one of her Shopposts had been shared by Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch’s very own mother. Several of the Seahawks moms sport her boots on game days as well.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's mom rocks her 12thBoot on game day.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s mom rocks her 12thBoot on game day.

Q: What type of products do you sell?

A:  I sell Customized Rain Boots for Sports Fans or Bridal Parties or whatever my customers can think up!

Q: What is your most successful Shoppost?

A: This is a Seahawks themed boot that I Shopposted and it was shared by “Momma” Lynch (Marshawn Lynch’s Mom)! It received tons of views!12th boot screen shot

Q: How does social commerce fit into your overall strategy?

A: For my business Social Marketing/Commerce is everything… It is what I attribute my success to. It is my way of networking and letting my customers speak for my brand. My strategy is to have my boots widely visible on the web through every channel and to make sure when they are seen they can be purchased as effortlessly as possible.

Q: What is your number 1 tip for successful social commerce?

A: In one word: Timing. Post/Tweet/Pin when you have the largest amount of viewers. I have found this is in the late afternoon/early evening.

Q: How has Shoppost helped your success?

A: I love how I get tons of insight with Shoppost.  I can see how my post is performing on which social platforms even after it has been shared by others. It allows my followers to share to Pinterest from their Facebook newsfeed. Because I can tell which of my products is trending and on which platforms and in which cities; I can immediately change strategy and make new post/tweets/pins accordingly.

Q: What results did you see from using Shoppost?

A: The fact is with Shoppost I can actually see the results from all platforms and so I can report what Posts/Tweets/Pins worked and which ones didn’t. I was able to quickly see I have had more interaction with my 12th Boot Shoppost and what platforms it was shared.

Q: Any additional details on social shopping?

A: I believe a lot of purchases are made emotionally. If I see that my friends like something or I see them wearing something I am ten times more likely to like it too, simply because I value their opinion. I believe social shopping has existed long before social networks and we are just beginning to see the impact social networks can have on purchases.

Customer Spotlight: Schmucktruhe Fine Jewelry

Our recent Etsy integration has us over the moon. We are thrilled with the quickly growing number of new Etsy users. The pure beauty and the quality of the products we are seeing being sold using our Shoppost app is truly remarkable. One of the recent pieces of art that is selling extremely well through Shoppost is the work of Martina Willms, artist and small business owner. Each piece of handmade jewelry and accessory is so intricately beautiful and unique it is shocking that she had anytime left to speak with us. We were somehow able to convince our new user all the way from Germany to take the time and share what she loved about Shoppost and using Social Media to promote her business, Schmucktruhe.

Q: What type of products do you sell?
A:  I sell handcrafted and designed jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings bracelets, hair combs and barrettes and handmade jewelry boxes.

Q: What is your most successful Shoppost?
A:Big Hair Cob in bronze with birds

Q: How does social commerce fit into your overall strategy?
A: Social commerce is very important to reach many people who are interested in my products. I use social commerce daily and regularly on many different platforms and have so also a direct contact with my customers. It’s not just about selling products, it’s important that people can respond directly to the posts and ask questions about, for example, a certain style or what materials I used for my jewelry pieces. This enables customers to get an idea of what is behind the brand.

Q: What is your number one tip for successful social commerce?
A: It is very important to take the time each day and deal with the issue. It does not help only from time to time visit a platform, you must do something regularly and always seek contact with potential customers. In this way you create authenticity, but also strengthens its brand by creating trust. It is also important not only to advertise their own products, because that could be boring for the people. Also important is the quality of the posts. It is not the quantity that leads to success, but the quality of the content that provide added value.

Q: How has Shoppost helped your success?
A: I have found that many more people click, ask questions and Pin the products that I’ve Shopposted.

Q: What results did you see from using Shoppost?
A: Since I’ve used Shoppost my sales have increased, as well as the conversion rate and the number of customers who look at my products and notice the products has multiplied. Shoppost is the ideal solution for me and also saves a lot of time.

Use social media to capture impulse shopping

Social media has enabled people to keep up to minute on their favorite products and services. Real time marketing has given brands the power to connect with their current and potential customers. Adding these two ideas together can create a very powerful combination, and it’s one that all small business owners with an online presence should be taking advantage of –  give your customers the opportunity to make an impulse buy. Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday, knowing when to post can bring a tremendous advantage to your business.

For starters, let’s go over some metrics that both small and larger businesses will find useful. According to a study from Evergage, 88% of digital marketers find that real time marketing is absolutely critical to their campaigns. OK, so what is real time marketing you ask? According to the same report, it’s “personalizing content or creative in response to customer interactions” in a short amount of time. How short of a time span? Some consider it to be under a minute, although it can reasonably take place when an event is still highly topical.

The tangible benefits include an 81% increase in customer engagement and a 59% increase in conversion rates across the board, according to the Evergage study. These metrics are fantastic starting points, but you may be wondering how to actually implement something with your own products. Let’s take a look at some options.

First things first, ramping up your social media efforts is a must. It is also a terrific way to engage with your customers and get real time feedback. Your customers may respond more to content that is relevant, smart, and makes use of pertinent cultural trends. This is also a wonderful time to use Shoppost to sell more products right where your customers are in social media, the Facebook Newsfeed. Doing this will enable you to get real time feedback with what is selling for you and what isn’t.

Make e-commerce seamless by monetizing your marketing and social media channels.

meme generator Fry social commerce

Built using

Arguably, nothing is going to be more effective for this than Shoppost. You want to drive your customers to your shopping cart. In order to get them there and for them to ultimately make a purchase, you must make the process as simple as possible. Shoppost can give you the power to do just that by making impulse buying easier by putting them one click away from check out. You can think of Shoppost as the best way to give your current and potential customers the opportunity to make a purchase right in Facebook. Remember, every addition click and each time there’s another redirect, it is one more chance to lose a sale. This is an entirely new way of making a connection — timing the product with customers’ buying preferences and habits. There’s no better means to generate the potential for a spur of the moment buy than being in front of a customer with the right product that right time.

Customize and tailor the content for your shoppers

Real-time marketing during the holidays allows your customers to share their own stories using social media. When you are monitoring your customers’ interaction with your social media marketing campaign, you can tailor each and every post or tweet to specific customer needs. For example, perhaps a potential customer is displeased with the price of a particular product and says so in a Facebook or Twitter post. You can immediately spring to action by adjusting the price and letting them know, and even thanking them for bringing it to your attention. This allowed you to get around a potentially blocked sale and even engender greater customer loyalty. Changing the price in your inventory will automatically change the price in Shoppost. You just gave your customers all the more reason to share with their friends and build an even bigger purchasing loop.


all the things meme for hashtags.

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Another way of taking advantage of this is to use #hashtags.The concept behind hashtags can be foreign to people who haven’t used them, but are easy to explain. Hashtags allow the grouping of similar messages that can be easily searched. An example of this would be Facebook’s “trending” feed. The first thing to do is to monitor whatever trends could be relevant to the products that you sell. Next, in the copy you will be using for your #shoppost, insert the relevant hashtag. This makes your post easier to find by people in search of your wares. Adding this simple step increases your chances of making your products easier to find to potential and existing customers.

Using real time marketing to implement impulse buys isn’t easy. In fact, 30% of online merchants lack the knowledge of how to successfully implement in their campaigns. A good place to start though is by using Shoppost, which allows you to sell where you share, thereby maximizing your efforts and ROI.

Customer Spotlight: Farm Dog Naturals

Farm Dog Naturals owner Rita Hogan.

Farm Dog Naturals owner Rita Hogan.

Rita Hogan and her team at Farm Dog Naturals deserve a multitude of awards, or perhaps a single award, if it could somehow combine: women owned, small business, animal rights, earth friendly, healthiest work environment and best pet products. Farm Dog Naturals incorporates compassion for our furry friends while providing livelihoods for six amazing women spread out across the United States and telecommute to work. All of us at Shoppost admire this outstanding small business and what they are doing for their communities and the planet, so naturally, we wanted to learn more about them. We asked Rita Hogan, the Co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals, a few questions to learn more about her social strategy.

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Welcome to Shoppost for Etsy

Unique products deserve unique social media and ecommerce content. Being able to interact with customers and provide a true sense of identity and self is part of the Etsy seller’s ethos. That is why a social commerce solution that supports the ability to embrace your brand while optimizing the ability to sell directly in a social stream is so vital.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.44.02 PM

Etsy sellers can add product posts directly into social media with Shoppost.

Until now, we have offered Amazon Webstore, Shopify and BigCommerce users the ability to use their brand to sell directly in social media. Starting today, the Shoppost platform for social commerce is now available for Etsy sellers as well. You can go use Shoppost for Etsy now.

By using Shoppost, Etsy retailers can merchandise and sell their products in-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and blogs in a post that mimics an e-commerce storefront and connects purchasers directly to their branded checkout process. Shoppost even provides analytics and reporting for your storefront.

Boost Engagement with Social Commerce

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.10.02 PM

Etsy sellers keep their store branding and presence throughout the checkout process.

Shopposts were designed to drive better engagement and conversion for merchants on all of the major social media platforms and equally as functional whether on a PC, tablet or mobile device. We haven’t been around very long, but we’re already successfully delivering on that promise. We’re seeing a 22% engagement rate with shopposts on Facebook.42% of all engagement with shopposts are happening on mobile. Now, Etsy merchants have that same ability to engage with and sell to consumers where they live on social media.

Shoppost enables customers to quickly move from consideration to purchase when viewing product promotions in their news feeds on social media sites or on blogs; shopposts use product details including images, availability, sizing, colors and pricing brought forth directly from an Etsy retailer’s merchant page. Once a customer clicks the buy button in a shoppost, they are taken directly to the merchant’s Etsy branded shopping cart, providing a seamless, trusted checkout experience. The Shoppost web app also provides a robust analytics tool that delivers valuable data about customers’ engagement and which products convert best on which sites. Merchants get quick feedback on what’s working and what’s not and can react accordingly.

Share where your customers are

Shop King Dude Pinterest Screen Shot

Etsy seller Shop King dude has been deploying Shoppost across its Pinterest profile.

Etsy seller Shop King Dude specializes in one-of-a-kind vintage finds. Being able to showcase the visual element of these items is a crucial way to reach potential buyers, which makes Pinterest a natural fit for this boutique. Using Shoppost, Shop King Dude can quickly bring these unique items to social media with a simple share. If that item sells, the shoppost will automatically update, showing the item is no longer available.

In addition to the real-time sharing, Etsy sellers get access to their Etsy shopping cart directly through social media. By simply posting a shoppost, people are able to purchase with minimal clicks, which as Trendy Babywearing recently shared, can boost conversions significantly.

If you’re ready to make your Etsy store social, you can learn more on our Shoppost for Etsy page.

Shoppost Customer Spotlight: Trendy Baby Wearing

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of customer spotlights where we will highlight Shoppost users that are taking an innovative approach to social commerce. Enjoy! 

Every day we get inspired by our Shoppost users’ creativity and passion. We love seeing success stories of small businesses rising to the top. Recently, one of our Shoppost users, Barbara Reggio, founder of Trendy Baby Wearing, did just that. She started out with a passion and a clear vision to bring parents and babies closer together. Her zeal and enthusiasm drove her to create an online business selling Baby Slings, Baby Teethers and Wrap-Scrap Accessories that is thriving today. We wanted to know if she had any advice for other small businesses or tips for leveraging social media. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to ask our “baby wearing visionary” a few questions about her success.

Barbara Reggio, founder of Trendy Baby Wearing, showing off one of the many items available through her Shoppost

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